List of Top 5 Websites for HTML to PDF Conversion

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is used to create web pages written in the form of tags that come in pairs and unpaired as well. And, there is hardly any office, institution or university that may not be using portable document format files (PDF). The PDF file format preserves all the visual elements like text, images, and graphics. With the help of conversion software, it’s easy to convert HTML documents to readable PDF format. Almost all organizations today are using conversion software, which only requires the URL of an HTML file you want to convert to PDF format.

Several Benefits of Converting HTML documents to PDF

· More flexibility with input and output options
· High-quality conversion
· Enhanced experience
· Ease the workload
· Secure
· Cost effective

Here is the List of Top 5 Websites That Offer Html to Pdf Conversion


This website allows conversion of an HTML page to PDF through email. It takes only a few minutes to convert a file; overall there are three steps in the process including – set the conversion options, generate the “Save page as PDF” JavaScript, and copy & paste the JavaScript to your website.


The website offers the facility to convert HTML to PDF by just entering URLs, but it has excellent features like you can change page orientation, page size, load images, print background, run JavaScript, and grayscale.

ExpertPDF Components

ExpertPDF offers an advanced form of HTML to PDF converter that doesn’t require any installation. It let you convert an HTML file to PDF by simply entering URL and can be used in any C# or VB.NET application. All these features make this software a lot more efficient and user-friendly.


This website offer all the tools required for document conversion, and comprise of features like watermarking PDF, scaling, rotating, repairing, rebranding PDFs and compressing the PDFs. It allows you to fit in the multiple pages on one page by scaling the page size down.


The website helps you to get quick and accurate conversion of HTML files to PDFs; you can also use the cloud-based version of software that you can use even if there is no internet. With the help of this software you can easily convert your documents without uploading them to an unknown remote server.

Bottom Line

The above-listed software offers a range of excellent features like font recognition, table structure, graphic quality retention, and multi-column pages. So it’s easy to get PDF files from the HTML versions by using HTML to PDF converter.