What do SEO Consultants do

What do SEO Consultants do?

SEO Consultants

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and an SEO Consultant is a person who is an expert in any area of this job. An SEO Consultant advises you about your website and how to make it better. He knows that tricks to send more viewers to your site and how to get your website higher in the search engine rankings. For a website to make money, it first needs to be viewed by people. This is where the SEO Consultant comes into his own. His job is to get your website into the top rankings.

So, what does an SEO Consultant do?

Consultants imply people who are experts in their field. We ask them for advice, they tell us what to do to make things better. SEO Consultants are the same. They know more about website building and optimization than most people and can ensure that your website reaches the highest rank possible, with the most viewers. When companies want their websites to make more money, they turn to an SEO Consultant for advice.

Are there different types of SEO Consultants?

Yes, there are. Typically, there are two types, namely an On-Page SEO and an Off-Page SEO. Both deal with different aspects of the online business, but with the same result, which is that the internet business makes more money.

On-Page SEO Consultant

This job entails working on the actual website. The SEO Consultant will ensure that your website is search engine friendly. This means On-Page SEO ensures that your site is ranked highest and gets the most visitors.

On-Page SEO fixes:

• Title tags
• Meta tags
• Description tags
• Keyword density
• LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

For your website to work it needs to have all these features working correctly. Sometimes it takes an expert SEO Consultant to do this.

There are many things which are important for your site to work well, and keyword density is one of the main ones. An SEO Consultant will ensure that there is just the right amount. Too little is as bad as too many, with neither doing your website any good. In fact, some websites are fined for over-use.

LSI means that when your site is crawled it contains the right number of keywords, and that they are relevant to the title. For example, if you have a site about shoes, the content should contain such words as sandals, trainers, sizes, and colors for it to be relevant to the title page. The SEO Consultant makes sure that the correct wording is used throughout. A good LSI will get a higher ranking in search engines.

An SEO Consultant will also be able to make your site mobile friendly. This is important as this is the way the internet is moving, with more people accessing it from smartphones.

Off-Page SEO Consultant

This person takes care of the advertising for your website. This SEO Consultant will make sure that your site is seen, visited and makes money.

Some things he will advise you on are:
• Backlinks and links
• Videos
• Social media
• Content marketing

The SEO Consultant makes sure that websites have the best backlinks and that they are correct. There are both good and bad ways to install links and backlinks, with bad ones having the ability to destroy your business in no time. On the other hand, noting will boost your rankings faster than having good backlinks.

Likes, tweets, favorites and shares are another work carried out by the Off-page SEO Consultant. The more of them your site gets, the higher the rankings will be. A good SEO will make sure that your site is visible on social media platforms, with readers who trust you and your products.

Good quality content is important and is a great way to effectively market your site. A good SEO Consultant will know how to add good content and delete bad content.

YouTube is another specialty of the SEO Consultant, he will make sure that videos are seen by as many viewers as possible.

How do I become An SEO Consultant?

Most SEO Consultants have one thing in common. They have all started with just one or two skills, learned more and improved along the way. Find an area that you are good at, perhaps something like doing YouTube videos. Perfect your techniques and sell yourself. Once you have learned one skill, try another until you have a selection of skill sets. We suggest you start your search for an SEO Consultant here and build up to the next level.

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