Complete Benefits of Shared Hosting Plans Explained!

Complete Benefits of Shared Hosting Plans Explained!!

In a shared web hosting only one physical server and the allocated hardware & software resources on that server are shared between many users. This type of hosting platform is offered with the limited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases etc.

It is a good choice for small business websites and blog sites that don’t receive that much of traffic on regular basis. All the resources like RAM and CPU are on provided on a shared basis.

Shared hosting server is the cheap hosting type and offered by most of hosting providers in India, you can check their references through the internet.

Due to the low cost & reliable features these hosting type is a best choice for many customers’.

Shared hosting plan comes along with a lot of benefits that are mentioned below in points:

  1. A number of websites are hosted on a single server that is the basic definition of shared hosting plan. This simply means that all the resources of the hosting server such as FTP accounts, email accounts, bandwidth, and database are shared by multiple users’
  2. There is no such definite number of websites that can be hosted on a shared server. The number could vary from ten websites to the hundreds or even in the thousands. Most of users’ in India avail sharing hosting plans for the reason they are offered at affordably low and cheap prices.
  3. Shared hosting plans when compared to dedicated hosting and VPS hosting are much reliable and cheaper in price. It is also a good choice for personal blogging websites and small businesses can afford it easily.
  4. The complete maintenance and administration of the server, hardware resources & software application is taken care of by the hosting provider. Means, you don’t need to concern on any kind of technical issues of the server.
  5. Also, there is no need to have any special knowledge on the server administration that includes software configuration & server management. All this will be taken care of by the main administrator or owner.
  6. The hosting provider offer you shared hosting services with a cPanel and the other user-friendly applications that are specifically designed for the website management. Means, you can easily customize & add features to your site without any additional assistance. You will also get MySQL and PHP support.

In the End

There a number of hosting providers serving in the market space offering best options to customer’s at low prices. The shared hosting plan is undoubtedly a good choice for small websites; also one can afford it easily. Most of shared hosting plans provide round the clock maintenance and technical support facility that gives you reliability that is almost equivalent to dedicated plans.