Types & Features of Dedicated Hosting Server Explained

Types & Features of Dedicated Hosting Server Explained

A dedicated server allows you to have a server solely dedicated to your website. In addition, a dedicated server will give you full authority to control your server. If you have selected a dedicated server for your web hosting, you should have an understanding of dedicated server.

Although most dedicated server providers in India will provide technical support, you will find it easier to manage the server yourself. The dedicated server is perfect for those companies and websites having a large amount of data with thousands of images, videos and with hundreds of pages.

A big site requires faster loading times and the guarantee of best server uptime. All these factors are fulfilled by dedicated hosting that comes with one server and with customer defined specifications.

Different Kinds of Server that Comes with Dedicated Hosting

Fully Managed – With this type of server facility everything is managed by the hosting company such as operating system upgrades, installing security patches, monitoring of the server, etc. The fully managed server is a great choice for new webmasters.

Self-Managed – With this option, you will have to manage all the major updates and tasks on your own. The web hosting company only takes care of monitoring of the server configurations.

Unmanaged – With this type of server you will completely manage the server on your own. There is no interference from the hosting company, and you have complete control over the server. It’s a good choice for experienced webmasters.

Features in a Dedicated Web Host

Bandwidth, Disk space, and RAM – The bandwidth space, disk space and RAM is allocated to users based on the expected traffic to a site. It is important to know that if the number of hits or traffic to a website is more than the allocated bandwidth, the site will become slower.

Additional Features – With dedicated hosting plan features like web-based administration and merchant accounts are offered to users. Also, look for additional features such as database management, Ad credits, and PHP or CGI scripts in your hosting package.

Pricing & Customer Support- It’s true that dedicated hosting is priced higher than shared hosting, but it provide you kind of control and security features that is unmatched. Similarly, most of the web hosting companies provide 24/7 technical assistance for the ease of users.

In the End

For e-commerce sites, and other professional sites, nothing is better than the dedicated server hosting. It is the best and most reliable option for a business that also helps maximize your profits and take your online business to a new level. When choosing the dedicated server management in India, it is very important to look at your requirements. Try to start with the basic level of hosting for the initial months and then upgrade later on.