Content Management System

Content Management System for Managing Content on Web

Content management system which is abbreviated as CMS consists of two parts- the content management application or the CMA and the content delivery application or CDA. Basically, it is a system which is used for the management of content on the web.

The management application helps the creator of the content to easily create, modify or remove content from the Website without the need for an expert. The creator may not know the language HTML which is generally used for the creation of web pages. The CMS lets the author create the web page without the knowledge of the language.

Hence, creating web pages and writing contents on the web is now not limited to a specific few people with the knowledge of the markup language. The other part CDA or the content delivery application compiles as well as uses the information so that the website or blog is kept updated

Features of Dashboard

The CMS has a dashboard where the changes to the content are made. Only authorized people can use the dashboard for making the changes. The number of tools which will be available in the dashboard to manipulate and maintain the information depends on the business requirement of the website. There are some features which should be present on the dashboard and the company should check for them before investing in a Content Management System.

· Individual titles in a page- It should allow you to enter individual tiles for every page. This is because the Search engines make use of these titles while displaying the results.

· Keywords-Search engines while indexing the web pages consider the keywords as well. Therefore ability to insert keywords should be there.

· Descriptions- Page descriptions should also be allowed as this sometimes plays a role for the efficiency in the search for a search engine.

· Adding content- It should allow adding of descriptions or contents for all kinds of pages which should include the summary page as well.

· Backup- The important of backup is known to all. Imagine all the information lost due to some electronic or software failure. Backup helps in keeping a copy of the data in some secure place so that it can be retrieved after the loss. CMS dashboard should allow the users to back up the whole website to some location which is off the web hosting server. Hence, there will be no even if there is a server break down.

Content management system has let everybody irrespective of with the knowledge of HTML create content on web