7 Things you should keep in mind before registering your domain name

7 Things you should keep in mind before registering your domain name

A domain name represents your business in the online world. It is, therefore, necessary to consider a domain name that works well for your product or company. A well thought over and representative domain name can work wonders for your online or offline business alike. Several things should be considered before domain name registration.

Things to Keep in mind before registering your domain name

1. Website and domain name relevancy

This is the prime thing to put into account when registering your domain. Ensuring the relevancy of your domain name and website is essential because when prospective clients think about your website, they will search it directly using the name. Therefore, take the time to match the domain name with your company name or even the brand you wish to promote. This will go a long way in ensuring that customers are not directed to competitors or miss your website altogether.

2. Get conversant with the registry

Simply put, the registry is the company where you will buy your domain name. They are all over the internet in literally every part of the world. You must, therefore, research on how to find the best registry. The most vital consideration involves choosing one you can be in contact with when you need help. Additionally, try finding a registry that has been in business for a proven track period.

3. Understand the maintenance costs

It is crucial to know how much you will be spending to keep your domain running even after paying registration cost. Find out if there are any transfer-out fees that are hidden in the clauses. Therefore, besides the amount of money you pay towards registration, also find out about costs of maintaining your domain name.

4. Whois database

All the information about your domain will be placed in a Whois database, which can be easily accessed by the public to find out whose domain it is. Ensure that you can change the details without being slapped with any charges. You can achieve this by ensuring that the terms and conditions are see-through as possible.

5. Violation of copyrights

Before buying and registering a domain name, it is necessary to find out if your chosen domain name has any copyrights attached to it or, at the minimum if it is surrounded by legal issues. There are relevant national databases that can help you to discover such mysteries. Stay away from copyrighted domain names as this could put you in a massive legal mess.

6. Power of attorney

After choosing a registry, spend some time reading and understanding the terms and conditions. In fact, it is advisable to read word by word in order to discover all the mysteries surrounding such documents. If you realize anything that sounds fishy, ask for clarifications and better still if the response provided is not convincing, move to another registry.

7. Cost of registration

While this may not be the only decisive factor, it plays an essential role. While considering the registration amount, find out the standard rates. This will help you to know a registrar who charges way too little or excessively. Price comparisons also help webmasters to make a wise decision when registering their domain names. A too low registration price may appear fishy while an excessive one is too expensive. The secret is to ensure that you are paying a reasonable amount to have your domain name registered.