Tips To Choose the Best Domain Name

How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Brand

The type and nature of domain name you choose for your brand speaks volume. In addition, it contributes significantly, to the impact that your brand has in the market place. It is, therefore, important to choose an appropriate domain name for your brand. Here are effective and easy ways of choosing the right domain name to represent your brand in the industry.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Brand

1. Choose keywords capable of describing your business

One may think that choosing keywords that describe a business is a simple task. In fact, it is not as simple as people may think. This is because the selection of wrong or excessive keywords may hurt you more than they can help. To achieve the best results, choose a primary keyword that describes or stands for your business in a general way. Obviously, you must first carry out keyword research to be able to identify a major keyword. Remember to avoid keyword stuffing in your domain name. Additionally, avoid naming your domain after one product or service. However, this is advisable if you are searching a domain name for your micro site.

2. Shorter domain name is better

Although you can choose and register a domain name with a maximum of 67 characters, a shorter one is more preferable. Generally, too long or too short domain names for brands are not appealing. A very short domain name may offer limited room for you to describe your business or products. On the other hand, a domain name that is too long may not be appropriate as clients will have difficulties remembering it. What is more, no one likes typing an excessively long URL on their browsers. Specifically, 4 to 10 characters are more preferable because the domain name becomes memorable and easy to type.

3. Check on spelling

Let us face it; some terms are hard to spell. When it comes to branding, anything difficult to spell should be a no-no and more so when you are choosing a domain name for your brand. This is especially the case when your target customers are not experts. There are other words, which tend to collide with each other; avoid such words too. In general, you will be safer if you choose English domain names, avoid misspelling words and words that are similar with an existing word. You do not want your customers to misspell it and then end up in the hands of your competitors.

4. Numbers and hyphenated domain names

When informing someone about a domain name or remembering it, saying it out is actually never enough. For instance, if it has a hyphen or a number, it is essential to mention this. Hyphen is an awkward symbol in some languages, especially English. On the other hand, numbers are generally annoying when they are part of a domain name. The best thing is to avoid using hyphens and numbers on your domain name. You may fall prey to spammers who use numbers and hyphens to spoil the credibility of your site. Nevertheless, there are recognizable exceptions such as