Domain is a common word that has a number of meanings, most relating to a location or a domain of knowledge. For example, in the Internet domain, a domain name is a name used to identify a user or a computer on the Internet. This can be a domain name of a web site, a domain name of an e-mail server, or a domain name of a computer on the Internet (hostname). A domain name is mainly used to find out where the computer or web server is located. To get there, you have to specify the domain name and the TCP/IP address. In other words, you have to specify the IP address of the computer where the web server is located and the TCP/IP address of the server itself. If the name of the computer or the web server is specified for the domain, then you can use the domain name to find the corresponding domain. For example, if the domain name is, then you can find the corresponding domain by using the IP address of the server and the TCP/IP address. You will get all information in this Category related to website domain.

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